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15 Meaningful Yoga Tattoos That You Will Definitely Love
Yoga is for the mind, body and soul. If you practice yoga regularly, you can relate to that statement. Meditation is truly a divine way of becoming one with yourself and that feeling is indescribable. There are so many benefits of yoga right from stress reduction to strength and stamina, even a 15 minute session can do wonders.

If you love yoga and you love tattoos too, this is the perfect post for you. We have curated a list of 15 yoga-themed tattoos for you that are meaningful and beautiful.
This tattoo is probably the most symbolic tattoos in the yoga genre. It is a sacred sound and a spiritual symbol in the Hindu religion. Yoga involves meditation and while meditating the use of the word OM is quite common. You take a long breath and while exhaling you say the word for as long as you can. This practice is known to relax your mind and body. Quick fun fact: The word OM is a combination of the sound of all words in the human language
Yoga is known to be around for more than 1500 years. Gautam Buddha was one of the believers of yoga right from his time. He is person on whom the Buddhism religion is based. He is known to have meditated for 6 days and night under a peepal tree until he reached enlightenment . Hence, the image of him sitting in the meditation position is so significant and so is this tattoo that strongly advocates meditation and Zen.
Here is another simple yet powerful illustration of the meditation position that one takes during yoga. This tattoo emphasizes on peace, simplicity and humility.
Not many people know this, but the lotus flower is very significant in yoga. The Padmasana pose also known as the Lotus Pose is called so because the feet and legs represent the petals of the lotus flower. The lotus flower grows from the bottom of muddy water to come up to the surface and bloom, representing being humble yet striving to be divine. Quite the significance for a flower.
The moon phases have significant impacts on not only the earth and ocean but also on our minds and bodies. That is why you are supposed to refrain from doing yoga on certain days when the moon waxes or wanes and practicing it on the other days brings you closer to the energies of the nature. Yoga practices are known to be powerful when practiced in rhythm with the energies of the moon.
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The Inhale and Exhale represent the breathing exercise which forms a foundation for yoga practice. Yoga teaches you the right way to breathe and incorporates it in your normal breathing patterns. This has tremendous benefits as you make use of your lungs completely to breathe in and breathe out. The triangle with a line across in the form of the word inhale is a symbol for air.
A variation of the Gautam Buddha tattoo on the back of the neck that looks absolutely stunning.
A variation of the Om symbol beautifully done of the shoulder.
Mandala is a gorgeous pattern that is used as a focus object in meditation. It represents the universe with cosmic harmony as all paths meet in the middle.
A fantastic combination of the mandala and Om sign in one tattoo.
The Hamsa is a symbol that's shaped like a hand with eye in the center of the hand. Its known as a sign of boldness and also known to keep evil at bay. The eye in the center signifies a divine power watching over you and bringing good luck.
The chakra means a wheel in English. The seven chakras represent the 7 centers of energy in the body that look like 7 wheels starting from the bottom of the spine and extending to the crown of your head.
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A beautiful colored variation of the chakra tattoo.
A combination of the Hamsa and The Om tattoo.
A brilliant combination of the yoga symbols, this tattoo speaks volumes.

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