How to add Extra Zing to your next Party with Temporary Tattoos
Mates, do you wanna do something cool and extraordinary? Gumtoo Australia is here for you. Use our Temporary Tattoos at your next party or event and take it to the next level. Temporary tattoos are also a great option to personalize and add a fun element to celebrations of all types; be it a corporate event, a birthday party, family get-togethers, wedding functions, club parties and more.

Temporary Tattoos are wearable pieces of art which are great hit at parties. Everyone loves going to events all dressed up, but also ready to let their hair down. Temporary tattoos add a whacky but memorable punch to an event. When it comes to temporary tattoo design and concepts for events, the sky's the limit.

Gumtoo's temporary tattoos are colorful, customized, waterproof, non-toxic and easy to apply. If you want to clear the temporary tattoo, just rub a bit of baby oil on the tattoo. It will come off easily.


1. CMYK Temporary Tattoos:
Cool and Colorful Temporary Tattoos for Kids' Parties
These are the basic colorful temporary tattoos which can be used anywhere and anytime. They are best if you are organizing any event for children. Colorful tattoo sheets can be an awesome giveaway for the little ones!

How about a Valentine's day party with custom fake love tattoos?

Temporary Valentine's Day tattoos
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2. Metallic Temporary Tattoos:
Lady adorned with Metallic Temporary Tattoo Jewelry
These tattoos can beautify your look on any occasion, be it a wedding, beach party, birthday celebration or a rave party. You can just put them on and be ready in a jiffy. Their designs are inspired from real jewelry and look really amazing, that's why they are just loved by women.

An exciting idea for your upcoming Bachelorette Party, we think!
Bachelorette Party Temporary Metallic Tattoos
We at Gumtoo, got an opportunity to add oomph to 10/10 Ladies Night, a show on the Fashion TV X, Singapore through our metallic temporary tattoo jewelry. Apart from the presence of a Gumtoo tattoo counter, the program offered a free leaf of metallic temporary tattoos.
Metallic Tattoo Jewelry for Ladies Night
3. Glow in the Dark Temporary Tattoos:
Glow in the Dark Temporary Tattoos for Parties
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These tattoos are the best option for people who love late night parties and hangouts. Glow in the dark tattoos are attention grabbers for all you attention seekers out there. Do try them out when u plan a girls' night at your favorite lounge next time or when you are going to rock a music fest!


If you want your club or lounge to become the favorite party place amongst youngsters, try your hands on Gumtoo's temporary tattoos. Instead of giving out flyers and pamphlets, you can give away temporary tattoos for advertising your brand. Tattoos can create an excitement at such parties, people will for sure click pictures of their amazing temporary tattoos and upload them on social media. This will get you huge brand awareness for sure.

Using temporary tattoos is a very innovative style of advertising. It is economical, and results are just wonderful! You can order your customized temporary tattoos with us. We have a variety of options and sizes to choose from. If you don't have the designs, we can even get them designed for you. So that you can get exactly what you need. For example, you can choose your brands logo to create a temporary tattoo. This can be flaunted by your employees and customers or you can even have a message about your event in your temporary tattoo. This is simple but looks attractive and grabs attention.

Recently Lulu's Lounge used our temporary tattoo services for their party. People really loved them and looked super cool with these fantastic tattoos on their bodies. Check these cool pictures out.
Gumtoo's Temp Tattoos as a Branding tool @Lulu Lounge, Singapore
Wear your Brand on your Sleeve@ Lulu Lounge, Singapore. Gumtoo's Custom Printed Tattoo
For more pictures of Lulu Lounge with Gumtoo temporary tattoos, click here.

If you are looking for custom temporary tattoos in Australia, but do not know where to start, we at Gumtoo are here for you. With our designing and printing services, you will be easily able to get your custom fake tattoo. We make sure that the entire process is very smooth and simple. So, expand your brand, stand out and make a difference with custom temporary tattoos. Get in touch asap at today.