Lead Time
1. What is the lead time for manufacturing tattoos?
Our lead time to manufacture tattoos is 8 days. Additional days for shipping will apply depending on your location.
Minimum Order Quantity
1. What is your minimum order quantity ?
Our minimum order quantity is 500 pcs for an identical tattoo sheet.
2. Can I mix and match the designs and qualify for minimum order quantity (500 pcs)?
No, the minimum order quantity is applicable to identical tattoo sheet. e.g. if you have 2 different tattoo sheet designs then we will manufacture 1000 pcs i.e. 500 pcs of each tattoo sheet.
1. Can you issue an invoice?
After you confirm the order, we will issue you a formal invoice. The invoice will have your order and company details .
2. Can I pay using my credit or debit card?
After the order is confirmed we will send you PayPal payment link. Using the link you can choose to pay via PayPal, debit or credit card.
Product Info
1. How to apply a temporary tattoo?
Applying temporary tattoos is very simple. Click on the link to see - How to apply temporary tattoos
2. How to remove a temporary tattoo?
The best way to remove temporary tattoo is to apply baby oil and gently rub it off with a piece of cloth or cotton. It is quite simple, really!
3. Is it safe to apply a temporary tattoo on the skin?
Gumtoo temporary tattoos are made using FDA compliant ingredients. Gumtoo tattoos are non-toxic.

In general don't put temporary tattoos near your eyes or other sensitive parts of the body. Gumtoo temporary tattoos can be put on kids over 3+