FUndraising Temporary Tattoos
10 Simple Steps to use Temporary Tattoos for Fundraising
"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." – Winston Churchill
Raising funds for a cause/charity/special event is a noble task, that can be tough and hair-raising. There are multiple causes, marathons, charity-balls vying for the same donors' attention. How do you make your fundraiser more attractive, original and engaging, while meeting your fundraising goal? Of course, the charity/cause/special event that you represent has to appeal to the heart (and purse-strings) of your target donors. But besides that, is there any novel interesting idea that you can bring to the fundraising table? How to bring the fun back into fundraising campaign and activities?

Yes, there is an innovative, creative and super-fun idea to raise awareness and promote sponsorship for your cause/charity. Temporary Tattoos.
Temporary Tattoos by Gumtoo for Breast Cancer Foundation's Pink Walk
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While Temporary Tattoos are awesome by themselves, they can add spunk to your fundraising effort. These are custom-made, waterproof, skin-friendly, easy to remove and total fun to sport. When your target audience (everyone loves tattoos!) sports these colourful pieces of art, they will feel more connected to your charity/cause/special event. Though Fundraising tattoos, you are sure to create indelible memories with your attendees.

Fundraising Temporary Tattoos can be used in any kind of fundraising event -be it a large scale corporate one, or for the local parish, for a sports team or a fundraiser at a school/university. Since everyone is a child at heart, colourful temporary tattoos are sure to receive a great response and add to your fundraising kitty.
Temporary Tattoo Booth at a Fundraiser
If you are a fundraiser or an event manager for a fundraising event or a committed volunteer to a cause, you can use these steps to spread awareness and raise funds.

1. Create colorful memorable temporary tattoo designs with a reputed temporary tattoo provider (Gumtoo, all the way, we say! This is easier than you think. All you have to do is to submit a digital image of the temporary tattoo that you want, and Gumtoo will get it printed and delivered to you within 10 days).

2. Buy Temporary Tattoos in bulk, as they are more affordable and cost-effective. Price your fundraising tattoo according to your fundraising goal, and sell them individually. Tempting temporary tattoos are almost always a good draw.

3. Publicize your fundraiser over social media, and highlight the Fundraising Temporary Tattoos as a key attraction.

4. Set up a Fundraising Temporary Tattoo Booth at your event venue. This could be a lavish set-up with promotional materials and banners or a simple affair with a table and few chairs, depending on the scale of the event.

5. Create a buzz around your fundraising temporary tattoos through banners/posters/excited volunteers sporting the tattoos at the event venue.

6. Keep your tattoos ready for sale: Cut individual tattoos out of the tattoo sheet, keep water handy and some tissues/cotton wool for application.

7. Ensure your tattoo whizzes (volunteers who will help customers apply the temporary tattoos) know how to use the tattoos correctly. Train them on a few FAQ's on tattoo application, safety, durability and removal. (When you order from Gumtoo, we give you all our tattoo know-how). Ensure that they know about your charity/cause and can answer questions from customers.

8. Smile, and welcome customers to your Fundraising Tattoo Booth.

9. Hire a hire a professional photographer or a skilled volunteer to click and and sell pictures of your customers with Fundraising Temporary Tattoos. You can also create a fun calendar with these pictures (after getting permissions from the customers, of course) and sell these calendars at your next fundraising event.

10. Keep your cashbox ready!

Fundraising Temporary Tattoos are a win-win idea for both fundraisers and the donors/sponsors who support the cause. The fundraisers get additional funds via the sale of temporary tattoos and increased awareness for the cause. Donors/sponsors get great temporary tattoos to sport, lovely memories and the joy of supporting a worthy cause.

For more ideas on how you can use Temporary Tattoos for raising awareness on issues and for fundraising, check the links below:

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If you are a fundraiser/event manager/committed volunteer for a charity/cause In Melbourne/Sydney/Perth/Adelaide or anywhere in Australia, get in touch with us at for more ideas on Fundraising Temporary Tattoos.