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8 hot-shot Australian Celebrity Tattoos that are beyond cool
Let's admit it. We are ALL secret peeping toms. We love our celebrities and we obsess over them. We'd like to know what kind of food they eat, what is their workout routine, who are they seeing, what they are wearing AND, in our case, here at Gumtoo, what tattoos are they wearing ????. We decided to do a little bit of stalking to find out what the tattoos of our favorite celebs mean. Join us as we drool over these 8 tattoos of our Australian Celebrities.

1. Chris Hemsworth
The Thor actor has stolen many hearts with his adorable accent and blue eyes. He has maintained an amazing physique and sports quite a few tattoos. The one on his arm caught our attention. We did some research and found out that Chris and his wife Elsa Pataky got these matching tattoos together. Those letters are Runic Alphabets which translate in English to C, E, I, T and S. These are the initials of their names along with the names of their children India, Tristan and Sasha. What an out-of-the-box tattoo! We think this will make a great custom temporary tattoo.

2. Mel Gibson
The 62-year-old star still steals the show. As he gets older, he gets better looking and does even better movies. This actor was seen sporting a tattoo on his forearm in the movie Blood Father in 2016 where he played the role of an ex-con protecting his daughter from drug dealers. But guess what? It was a custom fake tattoo! We think he pulled it off just perfectly- It looked almost like a real one. If there was ever a mascot for temporary tattoos, Mel would be the one!

3. Keith Urban
Image Credits: https://tattoosat.com
Keith Urban is best known for his beautiful country music, song writing and off course his stunning good looks. Keith has quite a few tattoos, and each one of them tells a story. He got an eagle tattoo when he was in America that signifies freedom. It was his birthday and this tattoo was a gift to himself. He has a phoenix tattoo on his left arm which signifies that one can be down and out, but can still resurrect oneself and emerge stronger. He has two tattoos in honor of his wife Nicole Kidman. Her name "Nicole" is tattooed on his right bicep. The second one is her initials "NMK" that covers an older tattoo that read "Omni Vincit Amor," Latin for "Love Conquers All."

4. Iggy Azelea
The 28-year-old rapper drops some dope albums. She is tall and beautiful and sports at least 16 tattoos that have been spotted. Each of her tattoos means something unique to her and some are even cover ups of exes' names. Iggy has a blind horse tattoo that explains her love for horses. She has "Trust Your Struggle" tatted on her right forearm which is a reminder for her to "never give up, no matter how tough a time she is having". She also has "The New Classic" tattooed on the inside of three fingers on her right hand. This is the name of her first album.

Self-motivational fake tattoos are incredible pick me up ideas, we think.

5. Portia De Rossi

Portia De Rossi is an Australian and American model and actress. She is best known for her long term relationship with now wife Ellen DeGeneres .Portia has a tattoo on her wrists that looked rather vague at first. We found out on Twitter that the tattoo is her horse breed logo-Hanoverian Horses to be specific.

6. Liam Hemsworth
This Australian actor is just as gorgeous as his brother Chris. The Hunger Games actor has an intricate dragonfly tattooed on his right bicep. Engaged to Miley Cyrus, he has a matching tattoo with her-A jar of vegemite on his ankle. Love for food is the greatest love, eh?

7. Ruby Rose

This Orange Is The New Black star is everyone's girl-crush and we can see why. She is drop dead gorgeous and bold. Have you seen her performance in the movie Mad Max? She stole the show. She has at least 45 known tattoos and we don't think she is going to stop with the tattoo fest. She has MTV tatted on her right-hand knuckles which denote the time she spent as an MTV VJ. On the inside of her left middle finger she has the word "here" with a little star next to it which she got as a matching tattoo with her sister. She wrote on Facebook it means "live in the moment". She has the word "mum" tattooed on the side of her right wrist in honor of her mother. She has a huge tattoo of Jean-Michel Basquiat on her upper left arm. She tweeted saying he is her favorite street artist. This is not even quarter of the list. We'll cover the rest in another article that we will dedicate to her maybe?

8. Catherine McNeil
This Australian fashion model is so beautiful, you want to take a second look to make sure she's real. She shows her love for tattoos by using her back as a stunning canvas for the artists to work on. There are lizards, a horse, scorpion, pin up girl, knives and so much more going on, on that tiny back. She hasn't revealed what they mean yet but they all look gorgeous as hell.

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