Nature Tattoos
25 Gorgeous Nature Tattoos Just For You
We like to think of Australia as the perfect country. It's a place of warm people, amazing food and sunsets that paint the skies with stunning color palettes. The country is blessed with rich wildlife and abundant biodiversity.

Australians are immensely proud of their country and the delights it has to offer. Right from the iconic Great Barrier Reef and cute Kangaroos to the gorgeous Sydney Opera House and dreamy blue seas. Most of the wildlife present in the country cannot be found elsewhere. That is one of the factors that makes Australia so unique.

If you love Australia and tattoos as much as we do, these 25 cute nature tattoos listed below are exactly what you are looking for. Get them inked permanently or get custom temporary tattoos made especially for you so that you can show off your love for the country. If you get custom fake nature tattoos for yourself, you can get all 25 options done one after the other. That's the great thing about temporary tattoos, you have the option of changing your mind as much as you want AND they accomplish the exact same objective a permanent tattoo would.

Let's dive into 25 awesome nature-themed tattoos inspired by Australia right away.

1. Cute Sea-Wave Tattoo
Because Australians love their seas. And those waves explain that perfectly.
2. Hopping Kangaroo Tattoo
How about this adorable hopping Kangaroo tattoo made of straight lines?

3. Charming Koala Tattoo
This minimal Koala tattoo is fantastic. A great idea for a custom made temporary tattoo too!

4. Radical Kangaroo Face Tattoo
A bold Kangaroo face tattoo that screams Australia.

5. Delightful teeny-weeny Kangaroo Tattoo on Finger

How enchanting is this super tiny Kangaroo tattoo on the finger?

6. Australian Alps-inspired Tattoo

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For the love of mountains and everything outdoors, get this glorious tattoo.

7. Playful Platypus Tattoo

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A cute watercolor platypus tattoo representing the country's wildlife.

8. Infinite Turtle Love Tattoo

Because we love sea turtles to infinity.

9. Beautiful Turtle with Flowers Tattoo

Or this sea turtle swimming in flowers.

10. Beach and Mountain Tattoo

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Vitamin Sea or Trees? Are you a beach person or a mountain one? Or both? Get both these fabulous temporary tattoos custom made for you.

11. Tiny Sea Shell Tattoo

Because she sells sea shells on the sea shore!

12. Australian Whale Tattoo

How about a custom temporary tattoo of the King of the Seas?

13. Having a Whale of a Time Tattoo

Adorable water colored whale tattoo with shades of blue and purple.

14. Lovely Tree Tattoo

Nature is beautiful. And so are you…. Add to your oomph by sporting this beautiful tree tattoo.

15. Golden Wattle Tattoo

Get this tattoo of The National Flower of Australia, the Golden Wattle.

16. Splendid Tiny Peach Tattoo

A perfect tattoo for all peach lovers in Australia.

17. Cute Shark Fish Tattoo

A tattoo, both for the bold and soft-hearted.

18. Sunset at Bondi Beach Tattoo

Yearning for those beautiful sunsets by the beach? Get this tattoo asap and head out to the sands.

19. Turtle and Sunset Tattoo

When the turtle and seas are calling, one must go! With a tattoo, of course!

20. Gorgeous Bluebell Tattoo

This gorgeous bluebell is found in many parts of Australia. An elegant tattoo to sport.

21. Stylish Yellow Acacia Flower Tattoo

This perfectly round yellow acacia flower tattoo will add to your grace and charm.

22. Subtle Gum Tree Tattoo

Who in Australia doesn't love the Gum (Eucalyptus) tree? Sport this elegant tattoo now!

23. Cute Echidna Tattoo

This cute little Echidna tattoo on your arm that signifies Australia.

24. Lovable Wombat Tattoo

What an adorable wombat tattoo!

25. Wallaby with Aztec Design Tattoo

Looking for a unique nature inspired tattoo? This Wallaby with Aztec detailing is sure to win you over.

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