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12 Temporary Tattoos You Can Sport to Celebrate Gay Pride
Race, gender, religion, sexuality, we are all people and that's it. We're all people. We're all equal

Connor Franta
The LGBTQ community has come a long way in the fight against discrimination. There is increased tolerance and acceptance today. With celebrities coming out in the open about their sexual orientation, and joining the fight for equality, the gay pride movement is going from strength to strength. However, the battle for tolerance, non-discrimination, respect and acceptance is far from over.

Whether you are LGBTQ or have loved ones who are, or you want to support the right of every human being to love without fear, this is the time to stand up in solidarity with the gay cause.

The rainbow or rainbow flag is a popular motif to represent the gay community. Each color in the flag represent a value in the community.

Red = Life

Orange = Healing

Yellow = The Sun

Green = Nature

Blue = Art

Violet = Spirit

We have curated a lost of 12 rainbow-themed temporary tattoos which you can sport to show your support to the LGBTQ community and to celebrate gay pride. These can be a great giveaway at gay-pride parades and community events.

1. Rainbow-themed Triangle Temporary Tattoo
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This inverted triangle temporary tattoo is super-chic and the placement on the nape of the neck is perfect.

2. Zig-zag Rainbow Temporary Tattoo
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This zigzag rainbow is a great giveaway idea at pride-parades. Sport this and show your solidarity with the movement.

3. Rainbow-themed Heartbeat Temporary Tattoo
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Does the mere sight of your beloved sends your heart racing? This colorful heartbeat temporary tattoo signifies that kind of heart-pumping love.

4. Rainbow Fox Temporary Tattoo
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Love Is Love: What a simple, but powerful statement! Whom you love is your business, not the world's. Wear this sly colorful rainbow fox and show your beautiful true colors to the world.

5. Minimalist Rainbow Temporary Tattoo

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This minimalistic temporary tattoo makes a strong style statement.

6. Gender-Bender Temporary Tattoo
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A picture that speaks a thousand words. In this age, when we are redefining gender rules and gender stereotypes, this tattoo says it all. What is gender, if not fluid?

7. Happy Gay Family Temporary Tattoo
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Families can be of all types; the only important thing is love and deep commitment to each other. Celebrate your beautiful gay family with this heart-warming temporary tattoo.

8. Rainbow Heart Temporary Tattoo
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Cliched it may be, but this rainbow heart speaks volumes.

10. The Perfect Rainbow Temporary Tattoo
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This perfect rainbow heart temporary tattoo, place it right above your heart.

10. Rainbow-colored Lightning Bolt Temporary Tattoo
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Make a statement with this clutter-breaking rad lightning bolt temporary tattoo.

11. Watercolor Rainbow Temporary Tattoo
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This watercolor rainbow temporary tattoo is unique. Show your pride by wearing this one.

12. Rainbow Color Panel Temporary Tattoo
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This color panel looks really cool. Be comfortable and proud of who you are!
Which of the above Gay Pride Temporary Tattoos will you wear at the next Gay Parade? Will you sport tats for gay community events? Which tattoo design inspires you the most?
At Gumtoo we believe that every human being has the freedom to choose and love, without discrimination. We firmly support the LGBTQ cause.

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