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10 Most Beautiful Hamsa Tattoos Every Woman Would Love to Wear
The Hamsa symbol is known by many as the hand of God. It is an indication of protection from evil and bad vibes, bringing believers happiness and health. It comes in two different forms. One is shaped like a regular hand and the other one has two thumbs.

The symbol was originally common in the Islamic and Jewish religions but now it is known by almost everyone especially to those who learn and practice yoga. It is called by many names such as Khamsa, The Humes Hand, The Hand Of Miriam and much more. Hamsa is the Hebrew word for five and Khamsa is the Arabic word for Five. The number five symbolizes the five books of the Torah.

Fun Fact: It is also one of Algeria's national symbol and is present in its emblem.

The Eye
A common design of the hamsa tattoo includes the picture of an eye in the middle. This is known as "The Evil Eye" and wearing it on the hamsa tattoo is known to provide protection against evil forces.

The Fish
The fish symbol in the hamsa tattoo is known to bring good luck in accordance with the belief that the fish lives in water and hence is completely immune to the evil eye.

Are you looking for cute Hamsa tattoo designs? We have curated a list of the 10 most beautiful Hamsa tattoo designs just for you.

1. Classic Black and White with Eye and Om Symbol
2. Elegant Colored Hamsa with an Eye
3. Hamsa on the Wrist
4. Hamsa on the Finger
5. Hamsa Tattoo as a Minimal Pendant
6. Hamsa Tattoo with Fish and Eye
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7. Minimal Design Hamsa Tattoo
8. Water Colored Hamsa Tattoo with Detailed Eye and Lotus
9. Geometric Hamsa Tattoo
10. Hamsa Tattoo with an Elephant
Which design is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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